We have arrangements with many talented lawyers practicing alone or in small firms.  All of them have experience practicing in large firms with sophisticated practices.  We recognize that in some transactions even greater bench strength is required.  We have alliances with several large firms that provide us with access to as much depth as we would ever need. 

High quality transactional, restructuring and corporate services require numerous specialists.  Large firms employ those specialists.  We access specialists in a different way.  Our firm has arrangements with top-notch lawyers in the specialty areas that support our core practice areas, such as employee benefits, tax, and environmental, among many others.  Many of these specialists practice alone or in other small firms (including boutiques with lower rates).  We also have access to specialists at regional, national or international firms, through strategic alliances.  Unlike big firm lawyers, we are not limited to our own colleagues who may or may not be the appropriate choice.  In selecting a specialist for a matter, a large firm may be influenced by factors that go beyond the client’s needs: who needs more work, who practices in the same office or who may be in the general practice area.  As a result, the assigned lawyer may not be the most qualified or may be overqualified, and thus charge more.   Because we do not employ these specialists, we are able to select the appropriate lawyer for each assignment.